Step Ten: Get Recognition For Your Efforts

Be proud of your program. By making the commitment to reduce, reuse, recycle and buy environmentally preferred products, you are helping to improve the environment and your community - an achievement customers and residents alike will appreciate. Publicizing your efforts will set an example for others to follow:

  • Send news releases about your program's accomplishments to community papers as well as environmental and business trade publications.
  • Post signs and banners in public areas that inform visitors about your program. Include the statement "Printed on Recycled Paper" on your company's recycled-content letterhead.
  • Motivate other businesses to establish their own programs. Speak at business meetings, workshops and seminars.
  • Sponsor a local clean-up day or take part in community recycling activities & events. Let the community know your business cares.
  • Train new employees during the orientation process.
  • Apply to the Sustainable Business Oregon BEST awards (