How Can I Reduce Waste at Home?

We do and buy a lot of things to make life more convenient. What did we do before prepackaged multi-snack packs, and disposable phones, to-go-cups, and take out containers? Well, for one thing we created a lot less waste.

The best thing you can do to lighten your personal garbage weight of 4+ pounds a day is to prevent waste in the first place. Try these tips to reduce your waste at home.
Reduce waste when you shop
We buy a lot of items that are over-packaged, designed for one-time use, or simply poorly made. So, we buy it, use it once, and then throw it, and our cash, in the trash. More...
Reduce waste around the house
Most households could reduce the amount of waste in their garbage cans by 25% if they took a few simple steps to reduce food waste, unwanted mail, and more. More...
Reduce waste for school
It is important that we reduce our waste of resources at each opportunity. As we send our children off to school, we can take advantage of some opportunities to save resources. Now that’s smart education! More...


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